Websites, YouTube, & Blogs

An every changing list of resources. Add your favorites in the comments and I’ll check them out!  Books have been moved to their own list.

Trinity College Library, Dublin Ireland
Trinity College Library – Dublin, Ireland




Homesteading Today

· Homestead Hustle by Mother Earth News

· Survival Podcast




· Maple Creek Farm PNW  (me! me! me!) Subscribe so we can get a custom URL!

· An American Homestead is a great channel with tons of information

· Urban Farmer Curtis Stone talks about microgreens and market gardens

· Red Poppy Ranch documents his journey building his family home in Idaho





· Attainable Sustainable

· 5 Acres and a Dream



· by Marjorie Wildcraft

· Gopher Valley Journal native flowers





Backwoods Home

Self Reliance


Small Farmers Journal

Hobby Farms


Cappers Farmer (looks trendy)


– New Pioneer

Real World Survivor

· Organic Gardening is now digital only, but I couldn’t find it. Look for printed copies in used book stores, thrift stores, garage sales, friend’s garages…

· Mother Earth News – the USB archive with 40+ years of info can be ordered





· This Farming Life (BritBox)

· Pioneer Quest







Maple Creek Farm PNW (me! me! me!)

· 5 Acre Living – even if you have half an acre, 500 acres, or live in an apartment in the city

· Goat Vet Corner – read the files

· Farei Kennels LGD Training – Read the files and don’t dispute their methods.  If you don’t like what they teach, just move along.  They’re very serious about this. IMO, their training methods are great and can be applied to all breeds of dogs, as well as horses, children… I wouldn’t recommend it for spouses.



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