28 Days

We’ve accepted an offer with a 30 day escrow on the house in So Cal.  People ask if I can be packed up that quickly. I’ve been purging and packing for about 18 months and I’m down to the bare minimum, so yes, I can be ready that quickly.

Today I’m emptying the cabinets in the laundry room and wiping out the dust for the new owners of my home. I’ll also go through the cleaning products and figure out what I’ll need over the next few weeks and what I can use in the trailer, and get rid of the rest.

Fred is building the “laundry shed” next to the trailer this weekend. He text this morning saying there’s a broken pipe down at the water meter.  It’s also 55° and raining. I have to wait till he fixes it before I find out how bad it is. Hopefully he takes pictures.

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