28 Days

We've accepted an offer with a 30 day escrow on the house in So Cal.  People ask if I can be packed up that quickly. I've been purging and packing for about 18 months and I'm down to the bare minimum, so yes, I can be ready that quickly. Today I'm emptying the cabinets in the... Continue Reading →

Goats: Castrating

Goats should be castrated around 12 weeks (or older) so their urethra has time to grow. Stones can be deadly to goats and a small urethra can't pass a large, sand size, stone.Castrating early can cause urinary calculi (commonly referred to as UC), which is a deadly condition that is difficult to treat.Some meat markets... Continue Reading →


DAIRY GOATS Alpine - Alpines don't do well in wet climates, though modern breeding is improving their hardiness. - Can be any color except white or light brown with white markings. - Seasonal breeder, usually from August to December.  A doe will be in heat every 18-21 days and can stay in heat from a... Continue Reading →

Roughing It – Week 3

November 11, 2019 - Monday Today, was another foggy, cold, but beautiful day.  Yesterday (Sunday), our logger friend dug the trench for our power and water pipes, but since my travel trailer is on one side of the trench, and my car and truck are on the other side of the trench, he placed two... Continue Reading →

Book List

Book suggestions I've run across· Gaia's Garden, by Toby Hemmingway· Restoration Agriculture, by Mark Shepard· The Prosperous Homesteader · How to Blog for Profit W/out Selling Your Soul · Raising Goats Naturally, by Pat Coleby · The Backyard Homestead Guide to Raising Farm Animals, edited by Gail Damerow · Naturescaping: A Landscaping Partnership with Nature,... Continue Reading →

Native Plant Resources

Resources to learn more about plants native to the northwest corner of Oregon. Pacific NW Natives Native Plant Community Services in Oregon OSU Common Trees of PNW Native Plant Society of Oregon Plant Native.org Bloom Schedule & Drought Tolerant PlantsOak Point NurseryHeritage SeedlingsTaylor Gardens NW - posts about soilScholls Valley Native NurseryBrooks Tree Farm 

Roughing It – Week 2

Pops and his adventures learning to live in a travel trailer in the woods. November 4, 2019 - Monday The commute to work was not bad, but took an hour and 20 minutes. Commute back took the same amount of time, but since it was in the direction of the setting sun, it made for... Continue Reading →

On to Phase 3 of The Big Move

November 6, 2019 The second phase of the plan is complete and Pops is moved into the travel trailer.  I didn't cry as much as I expected when we moved him up.  (In case you missed it, he moved the end of October and I'll move the end of May)  This absence is different from... Continue Reading →

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