As the Hen Crows

My flock consists of a bantam cochin rooster, a black cochin-barred rock mix hen (the lead hen), and eight buff orpington hens. I also have three bantam hens that live in the chicken run to keep them safe from hungry hawks and fat cats.  In the run, there are two bantam cochin hens who are sitting... Continue Reading →

In the Garden – Daisies

The daisy was once an emblem of fidelity and innocence. The Celts believed daisies were the spirits of children who died at birth.  In some areas, stepping on a daisy or uprooting a plant would prevent a child from flourishing.  Still others believed putting daisy roots under your pillow would either bring on dreams or... Continue Reading →

California Drought 2014 – Did You Know?

Did you know that California is in "possibly" the worst drought in recorded history?  I didn't.  Our water company hasn't sent any literature or notifications with the bill and I don't read the news online or watch it on TV, so I've missed any notifications there. NPR has an article with pictures of Folsom dam... Continue Reading →

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