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2017.10 panoramic
October 2017
Our first visit to the property. We fell in love.

April 2019
Pops and his parents drove to Oregon to meet with the crew leveling the building site.

October 2019
Building a covered porch for the new travel trailer.

2019.11.20 electrical pipes ready to install along the driveway
November 2019
4′ x 4′ utility trench going 600′ from the road to the building pad. 

bridge over the 4' deep electrical trench
November 2019
The pathway across the 4′ trench connecting the trailer pad with the parking area.  This was usually crossed in the dark when it was raining.  Rain, mud, and more rain kept the trench open for almost five months. 

snow 2020.02.02
November 20, 2019.
When it isn’t raining, it’s foggy with a dusting of snow. 

April 2020
Watch that puppy grow!  Brody weighed 43 lbs at 4 months old and 105 lbs at 8 months.

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