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Resources to learn more about plants native to the northwest corner of Oregon. Pacific NW Natives Native Plant Community Services in Oregon OSU Common Trees of PNW Native Plant Society of Oregon Plant Bloom Schedule & Drought Tolerant PlantsOak Point NurseryHeritage SeedlingsTaylor Gardens NW - posts about soilScholls Valley Native NurseryBrooks Tree Farm 

Beginners Garden

One of my favorite memories is of my grampa sitting at the kitchen table, gnawing on the end of his cigarette while the rototiller idled noisily in the back yard.  I have no idea why he'd let it sit there running for so long, especially since it was a horrible noise and even worse smell, but... Continue Reading →

Autumn Vegetable Gardening in So Cal

Are you ready for fall season vegetable gardening yet? Summer is almost over and in Southern California it's time to think about your favorite cool weather crops. For many gardeners, autumn means cutting back on the amount of gardening you do and getting your garden ready for cold weather, but for us, that is not the case. Instead,... Continue Reading →

The California Greenhouse

If you plan to raise flowers, herbs, vegetables, or fruiting plants year round, I highly suggest you invest in a good greenhouse that will not only provide protection for your plants, but also protects you against the environment while you tend your plants. Make sure the structure is safe and sturdy. There are greenhouses on... Continue Reading →

How to Approach Plant Problems

We all want perfectly happy and healthy plants, but there are times when we take a stroll in our garden and realize some are not doing as well as expected. In such situations, some gardeners rush to correct the problem, spraying their plants with pesticides, fungicides, or other liquids, be it from a chemical company... Continue Reading →

Autumn Garden Chores

It's September and time to start thinking about autumn in Southern California.  The weather doesn't really agree with that theory, but it's inevitable - autumn is just around the corner.  Here's a quick reminder of a few chores to take care of around the garden. IN THE GARDEN It’s just about time to pull out old... Continue Reading →

Growing From Seed

I currently have 3 greenhouses in my backyard: the long house, the square house and the hoop house.  Now that the long house is built and planted, it's time for the square house to be taken down.  Unfortunately (for my flower garden), Fred has discovered a super easy way to grown from seed.  We've collected... Continue Reading →

Landscape Design: Seven Tips for Beginners

I ran across a great article about landscape design for beginners.  It's a quick read and has some important tips about things to consider while planning your garden: Adding my 2 cents: "Make a list of needs and wants." Get the whole family's opinion. Look at your garden from the point of view of... Continue Reading →

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