Autumn Vegetable Gardening in So Cal

Are you ready for fall season vegetable gardening yet? Summer is almost over and in Southern California it's time to think about your favorite cool weather crops. For many gardeners, autumn means cutting back on the amount of gardening you do and getting your garden ready for cold weather, but for us, that is not the case. Instead,... Continue Reading →

Autumn Garden Chores

It's September and time to start thinking about autumn in Southern California.  The weather doesn't really agree with that theory, but it's inevitable - autumn is just around the corner.  Here's a quick reminder of a few chores to take care of around the garden. IN THE GARDEN It’s just about time to pull out old... Continue Reading →

California Drought 2014 – Did You Know?

Did you know that California is in "possibly" the worst drought in recorded history?  I didn't.  Our water company hasn't sent any literature or notifications with the bill and I don't read the news online or watch it on TV, so I've missed any notifications there. NPR has an article with pictures of Folsom dam... Continue Reading →

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