The Excavator

2019.04 The Excavator and Baba Joon
Baba Joon and the Excavator

When we put in the offer to purchase our property, the seller offered to return and level the build site for us.  Honestly, we expected this agreement to fall through even though it was in the purchase contract.  It would have cost just as much to take him to court as it would be to just hire someone else to come do the job, but Seller was true to his word and came out a year later with his enormous excavator and a couple other massive machines.  The seller has been amazing and we would happily buy property from him again if we had the money to invest.

Pops’ parents were in town and he had some time off work, so he decided this was a great opportunity to test the drive from Los Angeles to Salem.  It was a tough non-stop 15 hour trip driveway-to-driveway (other than gas and fast-food) and not something he’s looking forward to doing in a moving truck.  But it was an amazing week and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.


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