From the Suburbs to the Country


These suburban farmers are movin’ to the country!

In about two years.


Why so long??

When we first bought the property, we planned to move up when Fred retires in ten years, so two years isn’t so bad.  A few weeks after we closed escrow we realized it’s ridiculous to put our dreams on hold when there are jobs within an hour of the property.  Granted Fred will lose a good chunk of his income compared with what he earns in Los Angeles, but the cost of living here is i-n-s-a-n-e.  We did some research,  put together a budget, and figure out we’ll still be ahead even with the cut in pay, so we’re outta here. (My administrative assistant income won’t change much, if at all. WTH?)

The reason for two years (we’re aiming for 18 months) really comes down to how long it takes to build a house when you live out of state.  Thankfully we’ve remodeled a home and added an addition to our house in So Cal so we have an idea of what’s involved, there are many aspects to building a new home that we don’t know about.  How do you build on virgin, hilly land in a very wet climate that needs septic, electric, water, a driveway…?

Join us on our journey from suburban Los Angeles to the countryside near Salem, Oregon.


Maple Creek Farm PNW


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