Weeds – Common Mallow

Common mallow (Malva neglecta) is a broad-leafed, bushy weed.  They can grow all year, though I usually see them in the spring and summer.  They are deep-rooted and hard to pull once they've grown, so it's best to pull when they're young. Mallow reproduces by seed, which can lay dormant in the soil till the shell is... Continue Reading →

Weeds – Purslane

Every spring I spend hours and hours planting annuals while pulling up the grasses and weeds that have encroached on the flower beds. Our budget doesn't allow for annuals this year, so I've been rather lax in pulling the weeds.  We ultimately decided to let the chickens free-range in the back yard and focus on... Continue Reading →

The best way to control weedy grasses is to eradicate as soon as you see young plants.  If they become established, it is best to dig them out, being careful to remove all the roots and stems as they can regrow from pieces that are left behind.  Spraying with regular house-hold vinegar may kill some... Continue Reading →

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