On to Phase 3 of The Big Move

November 6, 2019

The second phase of the plan is complete and Pops is moved into the travel trailer.  I didn’t cry as much as I expected when we moved him up.  (In case you missed it, he moved the end of October and I’ll move the end of May)  This absence is different from being on a business trip.  This is more like a divorce without the anger.  He’s around, but not.  And he won’t be home for the weekend

My mom’s doing great taking over watering the garden and checking on the chickens.  I think she’s actually enjoying it.  I was going to take over when I got back, but I’m not sure I’ll have the time with it getting dark by 5:30.

Pops, on the other hand, is having a few challenges with the power and heat in the travel trailer.  He has water at the street (300′ from the trailer and it can’t be left connected to the TT because it will freeze), but power wont be connected for another couple weeks and it’s dropping down to 27f at night.  No power, no heat.  The challenge is that there isn’t a way to prepare for things you didn’t know to prepare for, and of course there are things you just don’t get a chance to look into till it’s too late…. like the propane running out at 2 AM and you find out the connection from the TT doesn’t reach the 100 lb tank you picked up the other day.  Pops watched videos to learn how to empty the black and grey tanks, but nothing came up about Grey Tank 2 and how to empty it.  Even the owners manual brushes by Grey Tank 2.

You can read about that adventure HERE.


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