A Ruby-Crowned Kinglet is Insisting on Getting in the House!

ruby crowned kinglet

(photo from All About Birds.com)

A ruby-crowned kinglet has been trying to get into my office for the last two days. I have a spoiled menagerie in the office that drive me half crazy with all their happy noises, so maybe he’s trying to woo the canary? The cockatiel is too big to catch his/her interest, and the lovebird and budgie are both blue with white/grey wings, so I can’t see the tiny bird being interested in them. I’m getting a little worried because he occasionally drops to the ground after tapping its head against the glass over and over. I’ve closed the blinds so only a couple inches are open (knickknacks keep it from closing all the way), but it doesn’t deter him.

What’s really interesting is that the top of his head is smooth grey, like the shoulders, but once in a while there is a shocking orange patch! Then he’ll dart off to another bush and come back a moment later with his head smooth grey again. I’m certain this is the same bird as they usually travel in a small flock and he’s been alone since early yesterday. Hopefully his flock will wander by again so he can join them.

Happy Gardening!


An Hour to Garden

Southern California Gardening



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