Waiting for Second Spring (Southern California)

It’s September and my garden is definitely looking worn out.  I would love to rip out every scraggly annual and perennial I planted just a few months ago, but I must be patient because second spring is coming.  While I wait for the heat wave to pass (what is with the sun the last couple weeks??) I’m continuing to deadhead, keep the vines under control and pruning back the blackberry vines.  It’s too hot to deal with the grass encroaching in my flower beds and it’s the wrong time to prune fruit trees, and I don’t like to plant when it’s this hot.  The risk of losing the plants due to stress combined with high temps isn’t worth it, in my opinion, never mind that I don’t want to work under this angry sun.

apparently the water is better up there (1)

Keep watering deep, giving extra attention to the plants that need it.  Snip back spent flowers and remove dead branches or plants.  Continue caring for veggies and harvesting as they ripen.  Be careful to not over water your tomatoes will split.

Happy Gardening!


An Hour to Garden

Southern California Gardening


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